Summer training Our training is your first step to the labor market

About the service

We seek to achieve leadership and excellence in the field of summer training, by participating in the training of national cadres and future pioneers of graduates and students whose universities require practical training before graduation Our training program enhances the level of knowledge and skills to qualify trainees for the labor market in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Program features

  • Training

    At the end of the training, each trainee can identify his or her passion for professions

  • Experience

    Gain practical experience through undergraduate training and deepen trainees' understanding of their university major.

  • Training courses

    The trainees receive a set of training and introductory courses in the field of entrepreneurship and project development to help them take their first steps on the path to entrepreneurship.

  • Simulation

    It prepares the trainees for what they may face during job interviews, as well as the questions that may be asked to them, in addition to the actual experience that the training gives them, which helps them build a strong CV based on real experiences.

  • Certificates

    The trainees receive two certificates, one of which is a certificate for completing the training period, and the other is an experience certificate.

Applying for a summer internship